Comics and Graphic Novels

The Handbook of Heroes – 2015-Present – Artist

A 650+ page single-panel style webcomic about the beloved tropes of playing tabletop games and how to exploit them for fun and profit. Ongoing. Written by Colin Stricklin.

Chorus of the Neverborn – 2009-2019 – Artist

A 400+ page webcomic inspired by White Wolf’s Exalted setting that follows the children of a thief and an assassin, who turn out to be Creation’s worst set of parents. Formally ended in 2019, but still available to read. Written by Kyle Strickland.

Sugar Ninjas Anthology – Vol 1-4: Sweet Version, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 – Contributing Artist

The Sugar Ninjas features work by women who have worked for mainstream companies, popular webcomic creators, and small press publishers. The books contain a variety of genres, and the content is directed solely by the individual desires and visions of the creators. Each anthology is split into a ‘Sweet’ and a ‘Spicy’ volume depending on subject matter.

Olive Peril – 2010 – Artist & Writer

A 400+ page webcomic and 80 page graphic novel that began as a sci-fi retelling of the classic fairy tale All Fur and expanded into a saga about the heiress to a space soap empire. Published by Arcana Comics, available on Amazon.